DDS Wireless

DDS Wireless is a global, diversified company based in Canada with offices in the US, Finland, UK and Sweden from where it designs and supplies SaaS-based solutions to the Taxi, Paratransit, Transit, and Limo markets. Through innovative fleet management solutions, DDS Wireless’ mission is to connect transportation services to help passengers reach their destination quickly, easily and as safely as possible.

I was contacted by DDS Wireless to provide Strategic Services for the refresh of their Brand & Positioning, Website Planning, Design, and WordPress Development, SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Creation.

Discovery & Planning

I met with the executive, marketing, product, and sales teams at DDS Wireless to get a solid understanding of what the teams wanted in the next version of the DDS Wireless website. I listened and asked questions, digging deeper into their analytics, data, messaging, goals, sales process, and strategy.

I discovered DDS Wireless required more than a website redesign. They were looking to refresh the brand, it’s offerings and services, online strategy and inbound marketing.

For this project I gathered a team specialist. Umami Marketing to provide services for SEO and Strategic Inbound Marketing Consultation, Quietly (a content marketing agency) to provide strategic content (working with DDS Wireless), and MyZone Media Inc. to provide WordPress and CRM Development.


Brand Refresh

Working with the internal marketing team at DDS Wireless, we did a competitive analysis, persona development and positioning to help with the development of the brand refresh. Through this process, the tagline “Connecting People Through On-Demand Transport” was developed and applied to the creation of the new brand elements.


Wireframes & Prototyping

The information that I’ve gathered from the “Discovery & Planning” stage is reviewed and the findings used to help in two areas. Firstly, to map out the information flow in a sitemap and to create high fidelity interactive wireframes to provide stakeholders with a visual way to see how the different users will interact and find information and provide pathways to information, offers and to capture leads. Secondly, the wireframes provide the internal teams a blueprint to allow them to brainstorm ideas and ask questions.

Feedback is gathered from DDS Wireless stakeholders and internal teams, then wireframes are revised until we have sign-off.


Brand & Style Application

Based on the wireframes, I creatively work out how the brand will be applied to the look and feel of the website and how the digital language of the website will function and be displayed on multiple devices at various breakpoints. The look and feel along with the content that Quietly had produced was presented to the DDS Wireless stakeholders in the form of an interactive prototype.

I found this helped again with visualizing how content flows but now the stakeholders can see how the visual elements and content work together. It also allowed the Myzone development team to prepare for development and the Quietly team to see their content in context. Internal comments were made and revisions were done until sign-off from the DDS Wireless stakeholders was received.

All the hard work form the previous stages now are in the production of the talented MyZone development team.


Bringing It All Together

Once the development team has done its magic, a working HTML/CSS development site has been created. Login credentials are created and I set up navigation, add content from Quietly, and input images. In addition, development to connect 3rd party API systems are also completed.

The newly redesigned DDS Wireless website went live in 2017.


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